Wednesday, June 27, 2012

House Pits and Post Molds

So far, week Two has focused on shovel-shaving, hoeing, troweling, brushing, mapping, and sectioning post molds in 3x3m units.   But, the weather has been excellent, and we are moving rapidly eastward across our excavation transect.   Our crew have become expert post mold-spotters and diligent PPM-cutters.  Nearly all the pits we have found are small basins containing few artifacts.  Although today Jamie G. found a complete drill in her Feature 12-27, a rather faint and shallow pit.

The abundance of small pits and post molds, as well as the lack of larger cooking or storage features suggests--at least to me--that we are still within an area of one or more household structures.  Past experience with Late Prehistoric dwellings in similar village sites bears this out.  I suspect these maize farmers preferred rather lightly built structures for use during the summer months with little need for storage pits inside the walls.   And outside cooking was probably the best choice during our hot and humid northern Ohio summers.   After all, during July in Ohio all you really need is a roof over your head and some thin walls to let the air in and keep the critters out.

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