Saturday, June 21, 2008

Testing to the South

At the beginning of week 2, we set out two 1.0 meter by 2.0 meter test units along our 510 E line. These units are being used to test for the limits of the midden to the south of the orchard. So far we have not yet found where the midden ends!

Both of these new units contained the same layered deposits of fire-cracked rock, flint flakes, and dark organic soil which are found in the units along our 500 N baseline. Several fragments of lancelolate points and one drill have been found in the 1.0 x 2.0 meter units. On Friday, a small lanceolate point was found in situ among a cluster of FCR. It is shown below, marked by the red arrow.

This discovery occurred 10.0 meters south of the edge of the orchard on a slope that gradually rises to the south. Thus, we now know that the site extends quite a distance beyond what was previously thought and contains thick cultural deposits which extend across the promontory from treeline to treeline, about 30 meters east to west. We plan to extend more test units farther to the southward as time allows.